Name: Victor Skovorodnikov

Profile: Software Developer


Phone: (778) 239-3810

LinkedIn: Victor Skovorodnikov


Java, C/C++ Programming 80%
Functional Programming (Scheme, Haskell) 70%
J2EE Development 85%
Web Services Development (SOAP, JAX-RS, JAX-WS) 80%
Front-end HTML/CSS and Javascript coding 65%
Mobile App Development (iOS, Android) 80%
Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL) 85%
Linux kernel, Unix systems 70%
Blockchain technology 50%
About me

Full Stack Developer with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Built GIS mapping software and innovative web and mobile Flights, Cars and Hotels booking engine software using GDS and Direct Connect web services APIs.

Implemented SR&ED technologies and technical documentation for a travel agency. Also, acted as a technical liaison between travel agency and SR&ED consulting firm.

Senior Java and J2EE developer with experience in building secure profile-management CRM tools, custom CMS web widgets, online commission reporting tools, database synchronization applications and automation software designed to help organization reduce costs and increase productivity.

University-trained in Computing Science and certified programming professional providing cost-efficient software development solutions for your organization.


Providing cost-efficient, professional, quality services in:

Web Development

Building robust, secure eCommerce applications for your business or help you establish online presence with a web application built to meet your specific requirements.

API/Web Services Integration

Implementation of 3rd party API integration to enhance the user experience with dynamic content. Developing SOAP and REST web service clients to consume web service content and display it on your website or mobile app.

Mobile App Development

Building responsive and secure hybrid iOS and Android apps with HTML5 and Cordova technology to tranform web functionalities onto mobile platforms for best client experience and reduce mobile app development costs.

Custom application development

Developing standalone, executable applications such as database synchronization, email notification software to keep you informed when specific event is triggered or custom libraries that extend functionalities of your current applications.








With over 13 years as a Software Developer, I have completed more than 40 web, mobile, CRM and GIS software projects. Using Agile software development method, I delivered new products and updates to the company on consistent, incremental terms.

Geographic Information System

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Web Booking Engines

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Mobile Booking Engines

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Cryptocurrency Booking Engines

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Profile Management System

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